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Prized Book

I am Your Son’s Murderer

Dehghan is an exceptional writer in contemporary Iranian literature. He experienced the war himself and therefore has a lot to offer to his readers about the imposed war. The details he depicts are quite precise and tangible for any reader who wishes to imagine the war and see it through his eyes. “I am Your Son’s Murderer” is a collection of ten stories in which the writer’s focus on war, its nasty consequences and all the dear martyrs and people who somehow dealt with war can be traced throughout. My dear officer …I have said all that I had to say in the inquiries, it is still there in the inquisitions. I have also written down anything that relates to both of these suicides. Well, Amir Hossein and Maryam were both my grandchildren and I was not at home that night when that tragic event happened. I had gone to the mosque to pray as usual. …Yes, well both of them had fasted. After we ate, I left for the mosque. I can’t remember what time it was. When I returned I saw both of them lying down in the middle of the room. They had committed suicide with gas…

Author : Ahmad Dehghan
Subject : Adult's non-fiction
Age Group : Adults
Pages : 112 page
Size : 14 x 21 cm
I.S.B.N :





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